Python vSphere Client with a dialog(1) interface

PVC is an interactive text-mode VMware vSphere Client with a dialog(1) interface for GNU/Linux systems built on top of the pyVmomi VMware vSphere API Python bindings.

Using PVC allows you to quickly navigate in your VMware vSphere environment and perform common tasks against various VMware vSphere Managed Entities.

PVC is Open Source and licensed under the BSD License.



Experimental. PVC is in early development stage. Using PVC in a production environment is not (yet) recommended.


PVC is hosted on Github. Please contribute by reporting issues, suggesting features or by sending patches using pull requests.


Probably. If you experience a bug issue, please report it to the PVC issue tracker on Github.

Getting Started

Getting started with PVC is easy - simply go over the Installation of PVC and Configuration of PVC pages, which provide all the details about how to install and configure PVC.

Make sure to also check the Example screenshots of PVC page, which contains example screenshots of using PVC in a VMware vSphere environment.