Configuration of PVC

By default PVC does not require any special configuration to work.

Gnuplot Configuration Options

If you are using gnuplot for plotting perfomance graphs with PVC and you want to customize the gnuplot terminal being used you could set the GNUPLOT_TERM environment variable to your desired terminal.

If GNUPLOT_TERM is not set then PVC will use a dumb terminal when plotting a performance graph.

VMRC Console Support

Launching a remote console to a Virtual Machine requires that you have VMRC installed on your system.

Currently VMRC support is pvovided by VMware for Windows(R) and Mac OS X systems and support for GNU/Linux is underway.

VMRC support for GNU/Linux is planned, but not yet available, so in order to launch a console to a Virtual Machine from a GNU/Linux system you need to use VMware Player for now.

Check KB 2091284 for more details on the VMRC support.

VNC Console Support

PVC supports launching of VNC console to a Virtual Machine, but you need to make sure that certain ports on the ESXi hosts are opened, so that a successful VNC connection can be established.

PVC uses ports 5901-5999 for establishing a VNC connection to a Virtual Machine.

Refer to How to Create Custom Firewall Rules in ESXi 5.0 article for more information on how to manage the firewall rules on your VMware ESXi hosts and open the required ports for VNC communication.